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Just one quarter-turn rotation is required to stop or start fluids flowing with a flanged butterfly valve. No wonder then these valves are so commonly used for various pipelines. Butterfly valves have flanges (typically those round objects that connect pipes together or with other items) on the inlet and outflow faces by design. They may be tiny in size, or manufactured with a huge diameter; they are generally lightweight. Read More…

Flanged Butterfly Valves Flanged butterfly valves are mechanisms that control the flow rate of a fluid as it moves through a piping system. The outside edges of the valve are raised and have holes so that the valve may be bolted onto a pipe. Butterfly valves consist of a seal around the wall of a pipe, a round or elliptical disc and a control lever.
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Grapevine, TX  |  817-421-5343

Butterfly Valves & Controls, Inc. has been a premier supplier of quality butterfly control valves and other related industrial components for 25 years. We carry only the best parts sourced from world-class butterfly valve manufacturers. Extended service life and safe operation are at the core of every valve manufactured/assembled. Our catalog includes a large selection of valves, actuators, controls, positioners, and more.

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Hayward, CA  |  510-265-3500

MDC Vacuum Products manufactures vacuum components. Our butterfly valves are low outgassing. The Del-Seal™ mini butterfly valves have a stainless steel internal surface, aluminum handle, metal seal or elastomer O-ring seal flange. Our Kwik-Flange butterfly valves are ISO KF flanges. Seal kits are available.

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Edmonton, AB  |  780-466-6782

Score Valves manufactures the TRICENTRIC® Triple Offset Metal Seated Butterfly valves, sizes 3"-72" ANSI CL 150-600#. The Score-TRICENTRIC® Valve is built to exacting standards and designs, with a proven history in oil and gas, petrochemical, refinery, pulp and paper.

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Chicago, IL  |  312-428-4750

Stayflow Strainers & Valves is a leader in the butterfly valves industry. We have a variety of products to fit the needs of multiple industries. This includes our baseline series, high-performance series, and PTFE-lined high-performance series. Stayflow Strainers & Valves pride ourselves on our high-quality products and knowledgeable industry experts.

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Flanged butterfly valves are more affordable and provide more usable space when compared to other varieties of valves. Their operating process is straightforward, and they require little labor to open and close.

How a Flanged Butterfly Valve Operates

A flanged butterfly valve is a quarter-turn valve. A quarter turn (900) of the hand lever or hand wheel in the anticlockwise direction opens a flanged butterfly valve. The valve disc receives this rotating motion from the handwheel. As a result, the valve disc must stay parallel to the pipe in order to make a clear passage for the fluid to move.

The handwheel is then turned for a quarter turn in the opposite (clockwise) direction from how it was turned to open the flanged butterfly valve. The disc is compelled to turn in the opposite direction as a result, aligning itself parallel to the pipe. This action prevents any fluid from passing through the valve. The handwheel must be turned just enough, however, such that the angle is less than 90 degrees in order to use this valve for throttling or some fluid can possibly pass through the valve. Manufacturers of flanged butterfly valves advise against using this type of valve for throttling purposes unless the pressure drop will be so minimal as not to obstruct the flow of fluid to its intended location.

Flanged Butterfly Valve

Types of Flanged Butterfly Valves

Manual Flanged Butterfly Valves

A manual flanged butterfly valve is a handwheel- or hand-lever-operated flanged butterfly valve. These valves are created by various producers and often get incorporated as part of a gear system. The handwheel is intended to be parallel to the stem (the shaft that transmits the rotary force applied to the handwheel to the disc) in a horizontal direction. As a result, such gear systems which incorporate flanged butterfly valves are able to change torque along their horizontal axis so that it might be transferred along the vertical axis.

Manual Flanged Butterfly Valve

Flanged Butterfly Valves with Actuators

This group of flanged butterfly valves uses an actuator (a device that converts energy and signals into movement) to open and close them. Manufacturers of flanged butterfly valves create these valves with remote- control functionality and the ability to choose when to open and close the fluid flow.

Actuated Flanged Butterfly Valve

Flanged Butterfly Valves Advantages

  • Both manual and automatic operation are possible with these valves.
  • Comparatively speaking to gate valves, check valves, and globe valves, flanged butterfly valves are compact and light in weight.
  • They have a small and straightforward design.
  • Depending on the valve seat material (which helps provide airtightness), these valves can be used in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.
  • Butterfly valves with flanges don't leak fluid.
  • Unlike other larger-sized valves, they can be fitted in locations with little space.
  • These valves may be utilized in applications that shut off and throttle fluid flow.
  • These valves work by simply turning their operating handle a quarter turn, which speeds up their processes.
  • Flanged butterfly valves are simple to set up, maintain, and fix.

Flanged Butterfly Valve Drawbacks

  • When compared to other valves, such as ball valves, these valves have poor sealing characteristics.
  • Flanged butterfly valves are only appropriate for use in throttling applications if the pressure drop is minimal.
  • When the valve is open, the valve disc is still in the fluid path which increases the likelihood of a pressure drop and, consequently, lower efficiency.
  • Fixing damaged flanged butterfly valves can be difficult, resulting in further issues including that the valve may become difficult to use, objects inside the valve may become clogged requiring more time and effort to open the valve to remove debris, and damaged components could lead to interior corrosion.

Uses for Flanged Butterfly Valves

Because of their ease of operation, ability to prevent leakage, variety of sizes, and other beneficial features, flanged butterfly valves are utilized in the following settings:

  • Flanged butterfly valves are found in steam power plants.
  • They are employed in mining operations.
  • Flanged butterfly valves are utilized in food and beverage processing operations because they are simple to clean.
  • Since they can be cleaned to improve high levels of sanitation, these valves are also employed in the production of medicinal items.
  • They are used in both wastewater treatment and municipal water delivery.
  • They serve as important components of fire-safety systems.
  • They are employed in the production of pulp and paper.
  • Flanged butterfly valves are utilized in the processing of petroleum products.
  • Various chemicals are produced with the help of flanged butterfly valves.
  • HVAC systems employ stainless steel butterfly valves.
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